Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I Read When....

.......I’m supposed to writing our Blog! Well, it’s always very tempting, and of course interesting, to read other people’s Blogs. Generally the most intresting and opinionated are written by people to who don’t have anything to sell!

One that has become a real must read is David Strange’s “The Elitist Review”. It can be a bit jaw-dropping (both good and bad) at times, but I wish I could write like that man! He doesn’t mince his words. It’s not just all about wine……or food. There was the very real – and very distressing - incident over Christmas where David posted his own goodbye message on his Blog….

Most of us try and write generally positive things about wine – I suppose because we are in the business of selling it. David is good at this aspect – indeed, stonkingly good (as he might say) – but he excels at the absolute and total destruction of a producer or a particular wine. Consider his recent profile of Northern Rhone wines – the positive stuff is great – but the negative stuff halfway through is…. well, pretty negative – to say the least!

And there was his review of a high scoring Australian “fruit bomb”…now, I don’t think you’ll see this in the Irish Times….

And just in case you messed up on the Turkey at Christmas, this particular favourite Blog will sort you out for next year…


  1. Hello Liam,

    Many thanks for your kind words about my spume of drivel. It is good to know I can provide diversion and (I sincerely hope) a few laughs.

    Sorry about the suicide thing - just before Christmas my psychotic symptoms blew up to a florid degree. Fortunately, it's damned difficult to kill one's self with modern medication; I swallowed a month's worth of the stuff I take for paranoid schizophrenia and all I got out of it was a long sleep. When I got home I was touched by the many positive messages of support I received. If so many people like me and my scribblings I feel a bit of an arse to hate myself.

    Anyway, thanks again for your kind words and for linking back to Elitistreview.

    Keep drinking quality kit,

  2. Hi David, Thanks for that - I'll continue to look for verbal inspiration and build up enough courage to call a piss-poor wine a piss-poor wine instead of something "lacking character". By the way - and on a slightly more serious note - anyone (except David of course)getting this far should also look at: