Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pictures of sexy grapes!

Hmm - not sure about the Title, but just wanted to see how it would impact on referrals from Google!

Actually, the grapes look pretty good!

Picked just prior to harvest, on the left is Riesling, centre is Muscat and on the right is Sipon. Not perfect, but given all the rain etc., not bad!

You can compare with here:


  1. C'mon, I googled "Sexy Time Slovenia" - what the hell is this? ;)

  2. Yeah, bad news I'm afraid Paul. I was going to put myself up too - but chickened out. Somehow "Sexy Time Liam" doesn't go well with the reality of being covered in grape mush and smelling like a premature fermentation. Actually "Sexy Time Liam" doesn't really work at any stage, irrespective of grapes or smell. That said, sexy grapes are pretty tenuous too - better stick to the normal stuff....