Friday, October 15, 2010


The musts in the tanks are bubbling away and the yeasts are working their magic – and will do so for the next 8-10 days. Unfortunately no more picking, crushing, pressing, stirring, slurping, burping and calculating for me – I’m back into a tin can on roller-skates for the journey home. I have to get back and sell some wine!

Ivan will have all the fun with the bubbles – as will Miro, Samo, Lela, Danilo, Bozidar and the many other winemakers whose harvests and wineries became my playground for the past week. It’s a truly great thing to leave a place realising you know less about something than when you arrived – and be happy about it!

There’s plenty more to write about that I just haven’t caught up with yet – somewhere inside me is a big diatribe about the case for a Socialist Approach to Winemaking – and all sorts of other muddled stuff. But hanging onto the steering wheel for the next 2 days as I career along Europe’s motorways (via a quick stop in the Champagne region!) won’t be the place to do it.

Plenty of time to think though……


  1. Hello! I'm assuming none of your Slovenian wines are on sale in the Cork area?

  2. Hi Paul, unfortunately not. However we can send them to you, or you can also order from On The Grapevine in Dublin.

  3. Good stuff, will investigate and get back to you.