Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blind Tasting Dinner with a difference

A few weeks back we were invited to a blind tasting dinner – with a difference. A group of local winemakers and friends do it every couple of months and it was a great evening of good food, lively debate – and of course good wines.

The idea was that selected guests were asked to bring wines to match a menu that they knew in advance – the objective being to select wines that they thought would best match the food. It was a three course meal, with four wines chosen for each course – and tasted together with the food.

All the wines were poured blind, so no-one knew their identity, including those who bought them (unless you could guess your own wine of course). After each course you voted for the wine that you though worked best with the food – not the wine you might like most, or might taste best on its own – but purely based on the food/wine combination.
We were asked to bring a wine for the Main Course and another for the Dessert. We chose the Mugneret Gibourg Bourgogne 2007 to match the main course of lamb and were really happy when it was voted the best match! For dessert, we brought Miro’s Fuga Mundi 2006 – a really great dessert wine – and it was just edged into second place by another slightly lighter, but sweeter, wine.

A great idea for a theme and something we might try back in Ireland!

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