Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mr. Nobody - finally revealed!

In our little corner of Eastern Slovenia, we’re within 30 minutes of three different countries – Austria, Hungary and Croatia. In fact we’re only 500M from the Croatian border. But it’s a part of Croatia that sees fewer tourists than the better known coastline. However it’s a particularly beautiful region – known as Medimurje Country.

One of the best known towns is Varazdin – 20 mins from us and a picture postcard town complete with fairytale castle, cobbled squares, beautiful buildings, cosmopolitan people and steeped in history. It was the former base of the Croatian Royal Family and there are plaques on almost every building – monasteries, castles, churches etc.

The Croatians also have a great sense of humour too. So whilst wandering around the town we stumbled across the following……


  1. Great to read up on your Slovenian adventure. Where in Dublin can one get wines from Slovenia?

  2. Hi Lar, must get used to checking for comments more often! Gabriel in On The Grapevine in Dalkey has both the Miro and Verus wines. Pichet restaurant has the Miro Sipon on the list. October will bring some new arrivals from Slovenia and hopefully more stockists. Liam