Friday, June 11, 2010

All at Sea

A few weeks back I commented on the more prevalent that usual “minerality” in the 2009 vintages wines we had tasted. I noted it was strange as a lot of the soils here are clay based. Well, we can all be wrong some of the time, but it seems I can be wrong all of the time.

I have of course delighted in telling friends that the surrounding region is known as the Pannonian plain, and that prior to the land now, it was of course the…… Pannonian Sea! So somewhere down below our feet are plenty of minerals, sand, crushed shells and everything you’d expect to find on a seabed a couple of million years old.

A few years back when they were building the local Earthquake monitoring station, they came across the above rocks just 5M down. So there’s plenty of minerality here.

And no, I didn’t know about the earthquakes either! That’s something else I need to check out……….

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