Monday, June 17, 2013

Graham's 2011 Vintage Port Offer

“The best 2011 reds anywhere” – Jancis Robinson, May 2013

That’s a pretty bold claim to make – the best red wines made in the world in 2011 – but the praise for 2011 Vintage Port has been unanimous.

And when you consider the rather higher prices for most of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo, California and iconic Australians, Port offers exceptional quality for the price. Admittedly it’s not a regular feature on most people’s shopping list, but when a vintage like 2011 comes along, it’s literally a chance in a lifetime to acquire something really special.

A few weeks back we ordered some mixed cases of 2011 Vintage Ports for our own stocks – so impressed were we by the reports - but out of the UK.

Now we have been able to put together an offer that brings one of the very top and most highly rated wines, Graham's Vintage Port 2011, directly to Ireland. And at less than what we paid from the UK! We are really excited about being able to offer it. Take a look at some of the amazing reviews:

There are just 5,000 cases of Grahams 2011 declared. This will be very, very special in the years to come. If there is one 2011 vintage wine you treat yourself to from anywhere in the world, this should be it. For a birth year, an anniversary, a treat, a gift…..and you have the option of half bottles.

Grahams 2011 Vintage Port @ €285 ex. Vat per 6 x 75cl bottle wooden case
Grahams 2011 Vintage Port @ €295 ex. Vat per 12 x 37.5cl bottle wooden case

The price includes all Excise Duty, Shipping and delivery to you in October this year. Stocks are limited and all orders are subject to confirmation

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